Art Supplies

I sell Unique Art Supplies ~ most of them handmade by Me.

Mostly to benefit other Artists. Basically supplies that can't be bought at the big Art Supply Stores. Stuff I have to make for myself. But I've had many private clients who also wanted them ~ just in smaller quantities. So I've set it up to accommodate everyone.

As of now, I only sell 11" x 14" precut mats. Plain or Individually Decorated/Painted. And I am working on a special tool for tying balloons without mangling our fingers.

If you've seen any of my other equipment, and you want to buy something like them, just let me know. I'd feel happy to see what I can do for you.

HOW TO ORDER MATS I only offer 16" x 20" mats with an opening for 11" x 14" pictures. That’s the Only Size for my Unique Special Mats. Good for showing Caricatures, Your Own Pictures, Your Children’s Pictures, an Interesting Picture from a Magazine or Newspaper…. Makes them look Great!

CUSTOM MADE PRICES plus NY Sales Tax If applicable and Shipping/Handling (custom choices refer to the instructions as to basic color, etc as indicated below. It does not mean that the client has to design his/her own mats. But if you do want to tell me specifically what to paint, I can give you a custom-price for your request): Quantity 1 is $4. Quantity 10 is $38. Quantity 50 is $175. Quantity 100 is $320.

MIXED ASSORTMENT PRICES plus NY Sales Tax If applicable and Shipping/Handling: (including my uniquely decorated ones as well as plain black mats or plain white mats - no customer choice if ordering from this price list): Quantity 1 is $4. Quantity 10 is $35. Quantity 50 is $150. Quantity 100 is $280.

PLAIN UNDECORATED MATS (Please specify if you prefer Black Or White) plus NY Sales Tax If applicable and Shipping/Handling Quantity 1 is $3. Quantity 10 is $27. Quantity 50 is $128. Quantity 100 is $250.

For Custom Decorated Mats, each one will be uniquely decorated. Please indicate IF YOU HAVE preferences for the whole order about:

Main Color - pink, or red, or orange, or yellow, or green, or blue, or purple, or black/white

Sparkly or Not Sparkly

Bold or Gentle Designs

And of course, at the time that you order them, let me know if anything else will concern you about your Custom-made Mats. For example: Only Hearts and Flowers, No Hearts and Flowers, Only for Girls, Only for Boys, No recognizable items, All Ducks, Holiday Theme……

Handmade, each custom-decorated mat will looks different ~ It’s Artwork itself. But here are some Photos of Mats that I recently created. To give you a general idea of the sort of mats you will receive. I’ll also give links for Samples my Mats that I have used myself. Special. Unique.

You can see Samples of the Mats which I have used myself at:

Coming soon: Instructions for easily using the Mats. If you still want to Frame the pictures, your Frame Size would be 16" x 20".

you can click on some pictures in this blog to see them larger